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Bob Peeters

wie_{7c59a60a-f6e3-ef2b-d3d4-c06e1c971feBob Peeters (°1955) has become profoundly acquainted with the provision of guidance for complex participatory planning and evaluation processes. Breadth of support, movement, depth and creativity are pursued in each of these processes. Each process should also have the effect of strengthening both the individuals and the organisations involved.
Bob is an agronomist specialising in food security and rural development. After his studies he worked for four years for ATOL, a centre for applied technology. He was then responsible for the agricultural section of a development project in Tanzania for six years. Together with the local farmers he devised agricultural information programmes and projects. Since 1989 he has worked from South Research for organisations in and with development activities in both hemispheres. He is fluent in Dutch, English and French and has a good knowledge of Kiswahili.

Selected assignments from his CV

  • Support for strategic planning and evaluation processes for different social profit organisations in Belgium and organisations active in the field of development cooperation.
  • Clients in Belgium: Platform voor herstelgericht werken op school (Platform for restorative work in schools): developing a thinking day; KULeuven: support and quality control for the Lemoco project (learning mobility); Flemish government: strategic planning process for organic farming; Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism: evaluation of strategic plan; city of Turnhout: developing a plan against bullying, etc.
  • In the area of development cooperation: Broederlijk Delen: meta-evaluation and exercise in strategic thinking about relationships with partners in the South; Bevrijde Wereld: meta-evaluation of capacity building and exercise in strategic thinking about the same topic; BTC Benin: evaluation of two agricultural projects with input on the development of an agricultural policy for the cooperation agreement between Belgium and Benin; evaluation of the programme of the Collectif Stratégie Alimentaire, etc.
  • Project and programme evaluations on the themes of food security and capacity building: PASAB II programme in Rwanda (Caritas International); Fafa Mono-couffo and Fafa Atacora Donga in Benin for BTC; evaluation of Inades Kasaï and Inades Rwanda for Broederlijk Delen.
  • Development and provision of a training cycle on change processes within organisations (CIDR). In this training cycle, participants learn to look at organisations, make strategic choices together with stakeholders and support the changes associated with those choices. It is a highly practice-oriented course which is tailored to the requirements of the participating organisations.
  • Evaluation of different networks: network of African organisations that apply performance-based financing in the health sector for Cordaid, EDUCASOL (network of organisations engaged in development education in France), network of partners of Bevrijde Wereld. An example of his approach: the ‘Flemish network of associations in which poor people have a say’. In addition to interviewing the main stakeholders in the network, considerable attention was paid to the organisation of forums (2) and group interviews to ensure that as many people as possible (70 to 100 participants per forum meeting), including people living in poverty, could contribute their ideas and have a say. During these forum meetings, different methodologies were used, inspired by Open Space, World café, meta plan, etc.
  • Supporting and training a group of women in vulnerable situations and mentors of social organisations in the development of policy proposals and projects in the field of parenting support. Key words: DIP analysis, peer consultation, improvement groups. Client: province of Flemish Brabant.
  • Supporting the embedding of project cycle management (PCM) with a view to improving quality within organisations: designing customised training, guiding thought processes – at all levels of the organisation – about the adaptation of the organisation’s structure and functioning, designing specific tools and coaching managers within the organisation. Clients: CTA Netherlands, Oxfam Solidariteit, CCFD (France), 11.11.11, Protos, VLIR, CTA, etc.

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