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Stéphane Boulc'h

wie_{9e096a2d-e770-b2f5-2665-aa7c1189fc1After 20 plus years in the field of development cooperation, Stéphane Boulc'h (°1970) combines skills in the analysis of all dimensions of project engineering, in knowledge management, in collaborative learning and in publishing.

With a Master in History, he began his career as a consultant and researcher. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of the challenges linked to capacity building in civil society, organizational learning and the capitalization of practices and knowledge. It has become his specialty to design and animate collective thinking and learning systems (networks, platforms, seminars, conferences, workshops, communities of interest and practices, etc.), combining distance interaction with face-to-face sessions. The use and promotion of change-oriented approaches is at the heart of his approach. 

As a research and support manager, inspired by Participatory Action Research and its principles of active pedagogy, Stéphane also had the opportunity to develop proven skills in running workshops for various purposes, essentially based on self-analysis and peer approaches. In evaluations he focuses on self-diagnostic exercises. 

Stéphane is French speaking. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

His major areas of expertise include:

  • Project engineering (identification, design, planning, implementation, management, monitoring, evaluation, ...)
  • Capacity building and empowerment (civil society, institutions, general government)
  • Organizational Learning et stock-taking
  • Knowledge Management
  • Collaborative strategies, partnership et multi-stakeholder approaches
  • Design and facilitation of communities of practices or/and learning communities
  • Communication and Media for development 
  • Education to citizenship and International Solidarity

Contact Stéphane

South Research CVBA-VSO, Leuvensestraat 5/2, 3010 Kessel-Lo, Belgium
+32 (0)484-99.39.62

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