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Lies Somers

wie_{1a689020-31ee-049a-59f2-a898d59e80aLies Somers (°1978) is office manager at South Research. She facilitates internal coordination within the team and is responsible for the organisation’s external communication. Lies also coordinates cooperation with the organisation’s partners. She deals with all social and insurance law aspects of South Research’s activities and supports the consultants in the performance of their assignments.
Lies started as an office manager at South Research in 2013. Previously she worked at ZEBRA on care for young road accident victims, and moved with her family to Singapore. Lies has a great interest in people and cultures.

Main ereas of work

  • Internal and external communication
  • Cooperation with partners
  • Social and insurance law matters
  • Practical and administrative support for consultants

Contact Lies

South Research CVBA-VSO, Leuvensestraat 5/2, B-3010 Kessel-Lo

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