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Soren Stecher-Rasmussen

wie_{bb05381d-99ab-21fc-7704-257124d87e0Søren Stecher-Rasmussen has 25 years of experience in development cooperation and related sectors, especially as lobby and advocacy officer, program manager and network coordinator. He started out doing fieldwork for anthropological research in indigenous communities in highlands in Bolivia and teaching English in the San Pedro prison in La Paz. Afterwards, he became manager for Oxfam-Solidarité’s South-America regional programme, building up a cooperation programme in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, in which social movements such as peasant and indigenous organizations and played a major role in defending human rights, democracy and the right to peace in contexts of the Colombian internal armed conflict, free-trade negotiations and decentralisation processes. He has been in charge of a European CSO network doing advocacy in close coordination with Andean CSO networks and organizations regarding the EU-CAN Association Agreement negotiations. He has been programme manager and policy advisor at the EU Delegation in Bolivia, in charge of the IfS (Instrument for Stability) and EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights) programs in the country.

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