Towards fair chances for everyone – everywhere
South Research collaborates on a regular basis with other consultancy firms, universities and research institutions. The exchange of experiences and ideas, the interaction and collaboration that take place as a result of this all form part of South Research's efforts in making constant improvements in the quality of its work and its services.

Other research and consultancy firms

South Research regularly works with the following research and consultancy firms: INTRAC (UK) and Particip (Germany). We also work with a number of other research and consultancy firms on a more ad-hoc basis. 


South Research regularly carries out more complex evaluations together with university-based partners. In recent years we have worked with research institutions linked to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) and with the Instituut voor Ontwikkelingsbeleid en -Beheer (IOB, Institute for Development Policy and Management) at the University of Antwerp. South Research also works with the University of Antwerp on a number of short-term university training courses.

Consultants and consultancy firms in the South

It is standard practice to work with local consultants or consultancy firms for assignments in the South. In this way South Research has built up an extensive network of international contacts.