Towards fair chances for everyone – everywhere
In its early years South Research worked mainly for clients active in development co-operation in the South. Later South Research has widened its portfolio of clients, which now includes organisations involved in different forms of community development in Belgium, Europe and the South.

The portfolio of clients served by South Research is very diverse, including:

Civil society

Development co-operation
  • NGOs in Belgium and Europe
  • NGOs in the South
  • NGO co-ordination structures: Coprogram, ACODEV
The socio-cultural sector such as
  • organisations that give poor people a voice
  • immigrant organisations
  • trade unions
  • schools

Government institutions

  • province, cities, towns and municipalities
  • Flemish Community
  • Federal government, DGOS, BTC
  • European Union
  • multilateral institutions
  • government bodies in the South

Universities and research institutions