Towards fair chances for everyone – everywhere
Each training programme requires a significant time investment and commitment from participants and the organisation to which they belong.

South Research has opted to organise tailor-made training programmes.

The usability of the training is key: participants must have opportunities and support for applying the acquired knowledge, at both an individual and organisational level. This will allow the desired change within an organisation to become a reality.

South Research uses a mix of learning methods.

In the training programmes, we use a mix of learning methods that enables the acquired knowledge and skills to be incorporated quickly and effectively. South Research prefers to work in a context-specific way, building on the basis of the existing knowledge and skills. New concepts and insights are introduced through the use of theoretical models. These are then applied to concrete situations via group or individual work. A critical examination of the acquired insights and an analysis of the possible applications are carried out next.
The expertise of South Research lies mainly in the field of planning and succession processes, programme cycle management and support for empowerment processes. The training provided deals with methodologies and concepts falling within that area of expertise, such as PCM and the Logical Framework Approach, evaluation and monitoring, gender, empowerment, participation, lobbying and advocacy. Both concepts and specific methodologies can be covered.

Some examples of trainings carried out:

  • We provided training for a variety of organisations in the concept and application of the “Theory of Change” (ToC) as a planning and evaluation instrument. Besides being given an introduction to the model, the participants themselves formulated a ToC for their organisation.
  • As part of the postgraduate tropical medicine course organised by the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, South Research provides an 8-day training course in Project Cycle Management. The participants apply the concepts and methodologies introduced by South Research to concrete projects that they want to carry out following their training.
  • During the course of a long-term process that led to the formulation of a strategic plan to combat disadvantage for the Province of Flemish Brabant, a number of women with a low level of education were trained to conduct a peer survey and facilitate improvement groups.
  • A gender training programme for the personnel of VAIS aimed to explain various concepts, methods and instruments and then to explore which practical tools would be useful for screening and following up project and programme proposals. The training programme culminated in the creation of a tailor-made set of instruments for the customer.